11 beautiful Apple Watch concepts

With the Apple Watch likely hitting shelves within the next few months, we took it upon ourselves to see what designers have come up with now that they’ve had a few months to think about things. Here are our favorite Apple Watch concepts so far.

Nextr Watch Concept by Bureau Oberhaeuser


We’re playing around with some smartwatch concepts for our public transportation app nextr. This is showing a connection of subway (blue) walk (grey) and Bus (teal). The number in the middle is counting down the seconds to the departure. Using the digital crown could zoom you in for more connection details and out for an overview of other available connections.

Messenger Watch UI by Ehsan Rahimi


This was supposed to be B&W Messenger for Watch, but eventually I decided to go with colors and having more fun. I really like that scrolling animation on Apple Watch, I think with Digital Crown, it makes perfect sense.

OfficeTime Watch by Eduardo Santos


For the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working on an exciting new time tracking app for the Apple Watch called OfficeTime Watch. In essence OfficeTime allows everyone to track time spent on multiple projects efficiently, and this concept of simplicity has been a major foundation to the design process.

Apple Watch Calendar by Alex Deruette


This concept is not aiming at replacing an actual calendar app but give the user a quick overview of what their day will be like. Each calendar event is color coded and allows the user to separate personal event from professional meetings. The app would connect to the user’s iPhone and automatically synch with their calendars.

Feel The Rhythm by Jed Bridges


You’ll dial through bpm and time signatures on a separate screen. The idea is to feel the metronome. Studies show your brain can process rhythm through touch faster than sound.

Find your Friends by Alex Deruette


The app works like a compass and gives the user a direction to follow and the distance that separates them from their friends.

CarKit by Denny Moritz


The idea behind the design of “CarKit” is in the same vein as HealthKit & HomeKit. A collection of API’s and an app to control and manage your personal vehicles – remotely. It features convenience settings as well as covering security issues. The app is designed to utilize smart functional layers introduced with iOS7 to show hierarchy and structure of the interaction possibilities.

Strava by Daniel Klopper


Finally got round to doing a small case study for a design concept of the Strava App for the Apple Watch – focusing on the core screens related to a cyclists users profile.

Bicycle Speedometer by Design Dept


Dreaming about bicycle stuff with Apple Watch.

Casio by Jack Lonergan


For the last 10 years I’ve only ever had one watch. The greatest watch I have ever owned and worn, the Casio A168WA-1. It’s understated and efficient. Since the announcement of Apple Watch, I have always stated that I would never part with my vintage friend…until now.

Pizza Order by Cuberto


The concept of pizza order process. Apple Watch interacts with iBeacon and the order is processed for pizza and drink using Apple Pay of course.

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