Facebook: Let’s save lives, not just update friends about our cats

facebook 2 Facebook: Lets save lives, not just update friends about our cats

With countless self-centered posts, Facebook’s users have a reputation for narcissism. But what about generosity? The social network hopes their selflessness runs equally deep, as it kicked off a campaign today to promote organ donation among its hundreds of millions of users. Under the company’s new health initiative, users in the U.S. and UK, which number nearly 200 million, are encouraged to list their donor status along with their birth dates and schools in a section labelled Health and Wellness. The benefits, Facebook reckons, will be twofold: With so many users expected to advertise their donor status, millions more could be swayed to pledge a life-saving gift of their own; and the electronic disclosures could serve as a more attractive alternative to the inconvenient status quo, which requires donors to fill out paperwork at their local DMV.

Dr. Andrew N. Cameron, Johns Hopkins Hospital’s surgical director of liver transplantation, hailed the move as game-changing:

This is going to be an historic day in transplant. The math will radically change, and we may well eliminated the problem.

The problem, as Cameron described it, is that thousands of people die each year while awaiting organs that aren’t available because would-be donors aren’t comfortable mulling such a serious decision at the DMV.

We have attempted to have a sensitive conversation, one that addresses your mortality, at the D.M.V. Now we move the conversation into your own home or office with 120 of your closest friends on Facebook.

The feature was rolled out in the U.S. and UK today, but Facebook plans to expand the initiative to include several more countries in the coming months.

Source: The New York Times

Digg done for? Washington Post to hire away site’s entire technology team

digg logo1 Digg done for? Washington Post to hire away sites entire technology team

Digg, once the Web’s preeminent news aggregator, with a millions-strong following that dwarfed that of rival Reddit, has survived on life support for years, but we’re about to find out if the ailing site can breathe on its own. The Washington Post is hammering out a deal to hire away Digg’s technology team, but that deal won’t include the business they’ve built, which has been unable to attract a buyer despite its months on the market. All Things D reports that the soon-to-be-gutted Digg won’t close up shop immediately, but with its engineers out of the picture, it’s hard to imagine the site’s remaining employees will be able to keep it afloat for long. And as the last year has proven, Digg’s downward spiral into irrelevancy has destroyed its curb appeal, making an acquisition increasingly unlikely.

Source: All Things D