400+ free, beautiful, high resolution wallpapers

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I’ve always struggled to pick wallpapers. It’s difficult, time consuming and a search for “wallpaper” on the internet inevitably returns hundreds of hideous ones.

I use a service called Splashbox to synchronize images from Unsplash for free as they’re added. Unfortunately, Splashbox is invite only at the moment so people can’t get in very easily.

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The beauty of Unsplash, is the images are 100% free and can be redistributed. I do not own these photos, but they are public domain and there isn’t an easy way to get all of them.

People are always asking me where I get my beautiful wallpapers. Now you know. There are the occasional odd ones in here, but it’s worth it to have nice pictures all the time.

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So, I present to you 400 free, high-resolution images for your wallpaper on your Mac/PC/Tablet/Whatever. I’ll update this post every 100 new photos or so.

➤ Download the ZIP

Just a word of warning, it’s 1.6 GB. There’s also a risk my file server will be crushed, so ping me at @ow if it’s broken and I’ll fix it.

Traditional vs. modern video conferencing systems: The biggest innovations

Remember the days of the first Skype video chats? We were all stunned by the simplicity and the ready availability of such technologies that were previously seen mainly in science fiction movies. Technology has gone a long way since those days. Today, video conferencing is becoming the norm rather than the exception. And these fascinating movies no longer seem so incredibly futuristic.

Video conferencing today gives access to features and functionalities that were limited and tremendously expensive (or even non-existent) in the past. How is the video conferencing technology of today unique? Several features determine its modernity and amazing value.


Just a few decades ago, video-based communication used to be so expensive that it remained unpopular among the general masses.

As the technology evolved, it became much more affordable. High speed internet is currently readily available. The same applies to the hardware needed for conducting video conferences – cameras, microphones, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Software solutions are constantly decreasing in price, as well. The Blue Jeans video conferencing solution is just one example of a possibility that is equally suitable for large, well established corporations and for innovative startups.


A Blue Jeans video conferencing survey shows that business representatives are increasingly becoming interested in having a fully-integrated experience. The reliance on multiple audio and video web solutions is no longer the option of preference. The survey suggests that we are experiencing a new shift in modern web conferencing technology, a shift that is taking it another step away from the traditional technologies of the past.

Conference room solutions, face-to-face communication and mobile collaboration have to all be available in a simple to use, minimalist solution.

Video communication is becoming less and less formal. At the same time, its nature is turning towards the mobile trend. Mobile collaboration through video conferencing and cloud-based solutions make such communication tools available everywhere and at any time of the day.

Business reps can easily travel now and rely solely on a smartphone for conducting vital corporate conversations and conferences. All of the necessary tools and solutions have been integrated conveniently into one hardware piece that can be used to control, coordinate and supervise multiple processes. Keep in mind that the video conference integration process is only getting started.


Remote offices are now finding it much easier to conduct face-to-face conversations and to complete the exchange of information in a highly simplified form, as well.

The video conferencing technology of today can be used to share files, to exchange multimedia and make impressive presentations. All of these possibilities expand the scope of the conference process, facilitate the sharing of vital data and ultimately boost productivity.

Video conferencing software enables professionals to make sure that all interested parties have been given access to the respective file. This type of information exchange takes place during the video conference itself – yet another type of data integration.


Could we be soon saying goodbye to hardware-based video conferencingsolutions? The cloud-based possibilities like Blue Jeans video conferencing are turning traditional communication paradigms on their head.

Cloud-powered solutions can be run without having to adhere to strict hardware requirements. In the past, a personal computer was essential for a successful video conference. Today, the technology has gotten a life of its own that diminishes the prominent role hardware used to play in the past.

The infrastructural requirements today are minimal. Chances are that these requirements will become even more lenient in the future. In this sense, video conferencing is getting a life of its own and some of the biggest obstacles of the past have already become obsolete.


Let us go back to the beginning – the Skype video conference. Though it delivered an amazing breakthrough at the time, its quality can be considered inferior by today’s standard.

High quality, high resolution, HD and fully integrated video conference possibilities are the norm today. Such technologies are becoming readily available for small businesses and for households that want to harness the power of such digital communication, Forbes reports.

Many new developments are aimed precisely at the small business and the individual consumers. Blue Jeans video conferencing is just one example of a new trend – quality meeting mass demand. Many such solutions are just a few clicks away. They save thousands of dollars and they bring new profitability possibilities in the form of higher productivity.

The video conferencing technology features among the hi-tech trends that have seen amazingly quick evolution. The landscape continues to change as you are finishing up this article. Smart solutions, full integration and mobility give developers new possibilities and take the old school video conference to the future. In fact, the future is already here but it will continue evolving, becoming more affordable and more hardware-independent.

These iPhone 6 concept images are gorgeous

A few days ago a report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei claimed that the antennae lines we’ve been seeing in recent “leaks” were simply placeholders for what would be glass inserts similar to that in the iPhone 5 and 5s.

Today, designers Tomas Moyano and Nicolàs Aichino have created iPhone 6 renders taking the latest antenna and curved screen rumors into account. The final product looks similar to the iPhone 5/5s, but has thinner, rounder edges which many are expecting. Looks good!

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ccd3540f31d95268d9acda22727099e9 These iPhone 6 concept images are gorgeous

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