Availability of Google Play to accept online poker gambling apps

When it comes to Android Smartphone users, especially those who are getting used to it, Google Play Store that was formerly known as Android Market is truly a blessing, as it brings a platform, from which users can download apps & games without searching for official sites and APK files of the apps.

Of course, it was a great relief, as most of people were somewhat dubious towards Android and availability of application as far as that new-born mobile platform was concerned. Now, however, everything is quite clear and even the basic users of Android are familiar with Google Play store and the way it serves them in such a way that they will hardly have to check out other stores or APK files to get some apps in their devices. Along with these, Google Play had made things clear for the developer community too.


Even when Apple’s App Store was making the app approval procedure stricter day by day, even by demanding fee to have membership in the app store as a developer, Google Play kept everything simple, by letting developers publish everything they have developed, despite the fact that apps CAN be removed if they violate content policy of Google Play Store, which is relatively liberal in the sense that it does not confine the developer from developing according to his views and mindsets.


Despite the liberal attitude taken towards developers, Google Play store is a bit strict when it comes to apps that are related to online poker casino. If you check out Google Play store, you can see that not that many apps are available in the store, regardless people’s attraction towards these kinds of games and apps. If you check out content policy of Google Play store, you can see that the store accepts apps that have to deal with simulated gambling but not the real version of online gambling, which is often considered dubious and fraud. In this case, however, Google Play store is a bit different from Apple App Store, as the latter allows gambling apps unless they violate Apple Development policy. So, in short, we would say that getting your favourite online poker app for your Android Smartphone or Tablet PC is, in many instances, rather a tough task.


Well, in spite of the fact that Android is a combined work of Open Source community; you will have to check another option when you want to download online poker apps. Now, however, you have a better option! Now, you can find your next android online poker room at pokerappsandroid.com. So, which is your favourite online poker game for Android? We are eager to know.