Apple patent reveals plan for haptic feedback on iOS devices

Haptic feedback could make its way to iOS devices after all. In the days leading up to the new iPad’s release, speculation swirled that Apple would introduce haptic feedback to its latest slate. That didn’t happen, but a recently discovered patent suggests the technology is on its way, possibly soon, and not just to the iPad. Unwired View unearthed a patent application that reveals how Apple plans to add another dimension to its devices.

Apple would use piezoelectric actuators scattered underneath the iPhone’s glass, which would provide localized feedback depending on where you touch the screen. Those micro vibrations would provide the necessary feedback with UI elements, like a search bar, or more importantly, the keyboard.

SlashGear notes that Apple wouldn’t be the first to implement haptic feedback on mobile devices – the Blackberry Storm and a number of Android phones already employ it – but its unique approach could bring new possibilities to the table, like simulating textures.

haptic Apple patent reveals plan for haptic feedback on iOS devices

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