News Apple TV’s success bodes well for rumored full-fledged television

If Apple needed further incentive to move forward with its widely rumored television, yesterday’s earning announcement was just the ticket. Apple TV, called a hobby and losing proposition by the late Jobs, was embraced by shoppers over the holiday quarter – 1.4 million times, to be exact. That’s nearly half as many units as Apple moved in the previous three quarters, and it represents one-third of the 4.2 million second-generation Apple TVs the company has sold since the product’s 2010 introduction, according to GigaOM.

To put those numbers in perspective, Roku, Apple TV’s hottest competition, sold 2.5 million streaming boxes in three years, roughly twice the time Apple TV 2.0 has been available.

Gigaom connected the dots:

Apple is expected to introduce a connected TV soon – possibly later this year – and Apple TV’s sales show that users are already interested in the company’s user interface and services that would likely be available on it.

Indeed, Apple TV’s built-in audience bodes well for Cupertino as it mulls rolling the dice on a full-fledged television.

Last year, Jobs said he’d finally cracked the question of how Apple would attract consumers in the ruthless TV market, but it seems they aren’t waiting around for an answer.

Source: GigaOMTechmeme

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