Casino games become a major mobile sector

At one point in the not too distant past it was possible to spend weeks and possibly months deciding which mobile device that would fit our particular needs. Now if one spends too much time doing research one or more new models are likely to hit the market, sending us back to the drawing board.

The computing power of mobile devices surpasses that of many of the desktop PC’s available in the late 90’s. The ubiquitous mobile device (US mobile device penetration is now over 101%) has changed not only how we communicate, but also revolutionized the entire software and home computer markets. PC software is designed to have the look and feel of apps; computer operating systems strive for a look and feel of mobile devices.


Our devices have changed virtually every aspect of our life, from how we pay bills, get a ride, find a place to eat, get around, interact with others and play games.

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It is in the gaming area where the mobile impact is most felt, as the mobile revolution has shattered the stereotype of the “typical gamer.” While males still make up the bulk of online gamers, more and more females are joining the active gaming community, and the average age of the male player is now 35.


To give you an idea of how pervasive mobile gaming is almost half of all tablet owners spends more time on their tablet than on their PC or watching television and almost 90% of the time they are playing games. The gaming market now rivals movies in the amount consumers spend on entertainment.

Europa Casino Blackjack

One of the fastest growing sectors in the gaming market is casino games. The vast technological changes mean that device owners are turning to flash casino games on their mobile devices for fun and perhaps profit. While slot machine type games have been available for some time, the new games rival any found in a brick and mortar casino. Additionally the types of games now available means that players can test their luck and skill at games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat for fun, real cash, or various rewards.

The increase in casino game play has also been aided by the sense of security mobile device owners have. The same security features that have resulted in the rise of online banking and mobile payment options enable them to feel comfortable with real money play at online casinos.

The gaming industry has long been one of the main innovators in the mobile market. Mobile casino sites continue to search for ways to enhance the players’ gaming experience. Look for more social aspects, multiplayer options, and advanced options such as live dealer games to become part of online casino options. The phenomenal growth in the number of games is also driving the growth of online tournaments and creating substantial jackpot games.

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