How to download from SoundCloud using 4K Download’s YouTube to MP3 tool

SoundCloud has quickly grown into one of the world’s biggest online streaming service, and it comes as no surprise given everything they have to offer. The online music streaming service is a boon for individual artists and listeners alike to discover and follow new artists from every corner of the world. When it comes to music, there are no language and region barriers, and abolishing them has just what SoundCloud has effectively done. SoundCloud has efficiently managed to connect artists to the ardent music listeners and grow further their fan base.

While it was all seeming good from the artists’ point of view on this service, it would not be feasible for music listeners to get online and stream their favorite artists’ music every time. Going online whenever you need to listen to a few songs from SoundCloud doesn’t seem to plausible and that’s when you ought to download them as high quality MP3 files and store them to your device for offline playback without any issues. While there are many online services offering you to download SoundCloud clips, they rarely offer you something above par the audio quality you would wish for. But in 4K Download’s YouTube to MP3 tool, you would have an all-in-one tool for downloading your favorite audio files from multiple sources.

Introducing 4K Download YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to MP3 Homescreen How to download from SoundCloud using 4K Download’s YouTube to MP3 tool

Having a handy tool is great for grabbing those SoundCloud clips you love to hear. 4K Download’s YouTube to MP3 is one such tool that would help you accomplish exactly what you need, in a split second. You can download 4K YouTube to MP3 tool from their official website. The tool comes in at a 21MB download and is supported on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS X 10.6+, Linux and Ubuntu. The multiple platform support is a further advantage for the linearity on different systems. You will be welcomed with a screen seen above once you are done with the installation.

Copy SoundCloud URL

4k YouTube to MP3 Copy Soundcloud URL How to download from SoundCloud using 4K Download’s YouTube to MP3 tool

The downloading of your favorite tunes from SoundCloud using this tool is pretty straightforward and all you need to is to copy the URL of the song location. For that, you can head over to SoundCloud and explore different artists and trending songs. Here you can see that we accessed John Mayer’s official SoundCloud account and copied one of his latest hit tunes.

At this step, the copied song URL is everything that you would need for downloading them via this tool. The URL copied needs to be only on your clipboard and you won’t be asked to manually paste it somewhere.

Pasting the URL and downloading the file

You can head back to the tool once you have copied the URL from SoundCloud. Now to start the downloading process, you can hit the ‘Paste URL’ in the top left section and watch the audio file being downloaded instantaneously. Now you can open your downloaded file and savor the melodies.

Take control of the output audio quality

You can take control of the output audio file with this tool unlike all other online based SoundCloud downloading services. Head over to the preferences tab to take control of a host of settings including the output audio file format, quality and adding them to your iTunes account.

Conclusion – The best tool for grabbing those euphonious SoundCloud clips

4K Download’s YouTube to MP3 tool is the first and the last one you would ever need for grabbing those great SoundCloud audio clips with ease. The tool makes the process simpler, hassle free and its multiple system support is an added feather in its cap. Unlike other online based counterparts, this tool lets you take entire control of your audio file and will make sure you wouldn’t be disappointed with the quality or format of the final output file

Our Rating – 4.8 Out of 5

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