Eight iOS 7 flat UI mockups

Get out your rollers. It’s time to do some flattening.

With Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference just a month a way, rumors continue to surface that iOS 7 could see a major UI overhaul. Word on the street is that Jony Ive and his team at Apple are going for a very “flat” look. Since then, many designers have put together some interesting mock-ups and concepts together speculating on how a flat iOS 7 might look. Some are a bit radical, others seem more realistic. Here are a few of our favorites.

ios 3 icons flat Eight iOS 7 flat UI mockups

The first is a possibly one of the more dramatic changes we’ve seen. In this design, Dámaso Benítez elects to go with three icons per row, rather than the current four. If we’re being honest, we think this is very unlikely. With that being said, the design aesthetic has a nice playfulness to it.

flat lockscreen ios 7 Eight iOS 7 flat UI mockups

Kyle Adams offers his version of a “minimal and flat UI” for the lockscreen. Compared to the current lockscreen, not much has change functionally, but a lot of the UI chrome found in iOS 6 is gone. Clean.

iosswitcher large Eight iOS 7 flat UI mockups

Jesse Head re-imagines the app switcher allowing users to see more information. Rather than just seeing an icon, his concept introduces previews that allow users to see what they were doing in that app last. He’s even put together a video showing the concept in action.

ios 7 flat homescreen Eight iOS 7 flat UI mockups

Alex Iv puts together something that we think is more realistic by simply de-chroming iOS. Though he takes away the text labels, it still retains a fresh, clean look without changing much of iOS.

flat messages ios7 Eight iOS 7 flat UI mockups

Pieter Goris offers his take on the Messages app by stripping out the messaging bubbles we’ve all come to know with both Mac OS and iOS. He also replaces they keyboard with a darker, more subtle look. Very clean.

flat ios 7 simple Eight iOS 7 flat UI mockups

Anton Kovalev‘s mockup looks very much like a flatted iOS 6 without any gloss. Some of the icons have a slight drop shadow giving them a bit of depth, too.

ios7 homescreen concept Eight iOS 7 flat UI mockups

This rendition by John Menard remind us of Windows Phone and looks very much like Dámaso Benítez‘s concept above, but with sharp corners. The big, bright boxes offer a different approach that’s not very iOS-like. Probably the most radical concept we’ve seen.

flat ios concept bright Eight iOS 7 flat UI mockups

Finally, this concept by Manu Gamero, which is also remisant of Alex Iv‘s, takes a lot of the current iOS look and feel and removes the glitter. It actually looks similar to what we saw on the WWDC invitation with the brighter colors.

All-in-all, we’ll have to wait a month to find out what Apple has in store for the next version of iOS. If the rumors are true, it should be pretty exciting.

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