Infographic: What people want in the iPhone 6

Recently, Ebay of Australia conducted a survey in which they asked iPhone users what they wanted in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. The phone, which is expected to make its debut on September 9th 2014, has been considered by many to be Apple’s most anticipated smartphone release. Rumors have suggested that the device will come in two sizes: A 4.7-inch variant and a monstrous 5.5-inch “phablet” version. There’s also been strong rumors of NFC for payments, as well as a much stronger sapphire laminated display.

Some interesting points from the infographic:

Based on the research, users identified a crack resistant screen, a longer battery life, and water resistance as being the most important features that they would like to see in the iPhone 6. Other wishes include removable battery (which isn’t likely to happen) and mobile wallet capabilities (which is likely happening).

The infographic below shows much more of what folks would like in Apple’s next-generation device. Take a look and see if you agree.

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