Mashup your Evernote & Dropbox content with

If you’re an Evernote or Dropbox user, you may find that blogging just got way easier. Last November we mentioned, the Evernote powered blogging platform after they won Evernote’s DevCup competition, beating out 180 companies worldwide for $20k in San Francisco.

 Mashup your Evernote & Dropbox content with

This week a few rumours were circulating that has been courting other platforms and making moves to a become a more multi-platform blogging system. Rumours about Dropbox, OneNote and Google Docs specifically.

Well, this morning announced on Twitter that they’ve released Dropbox powered blogging with HTML and Markdown, and that more services are coming soon.

postasio1 Mashup your Evernote & Dropbox content with

It’s definitely worth checking out if you like to write in Markdown but don’t want the hassle of managing an entire website, like with a static site generator.

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