Microsoft building wearable displays for gaming and more

Google isn’t the only company working on wearable displaysPatent Bolt discovered that Microsoft’s taking a shot, too. In fact, the Redmond-based software giant has two versions in the pipeline, according to recently unearthed patents: one that’s glasses-based and meant for smartphone duty, similar to Google’s take, and another that fits displays to an “aviation-style” helmet intended for gaming.

microsofthelmet Microsoft building wearable displays for gaming and more

While Google ‘s forthcoming glasses are rumored to house just a single display, both versions of Microsoft’s headset include dual displays, paving the way for virtual reality and 3D applications.

Patent Bolt had this to say:

Microsoft states that a compact display system may be coupled into goggles, a helmet, or other eyewear. These configurations enable the wearer to view images from a computer, media player, or other electronic device with privacy and mobility. When adapted to display two different images concurrently–one for each eye–the system may be used for stereoscopic display (e.g., virtual-reality) applications.

An interesting patent point states that the projectors may be at least partly transparent, so that the wearer can see external objects as well as the virtual display images. Unlike other projects that I’ve read about or have seen involving glasses or head mounts shut out the real world entirely. Microsoft’s take on this appears to be one that’s a little more realistic in that gamers could go deeper into the game while being able to see a part of their real world surroundings in the periphery.

Source: Patent Bolt

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