Microsoft to take wraps off new Xbox music service, codenamed Woodstock, at E3

R.I.P., Zune. According to insiders briefed on Microsoft’s plans, the company is killing off Zune, but that doesn’t mean Redmond’s getting out of the music business. Sources say Microsoft will provide a sneak peak of the doomed music service’s replacement during June’s E3 conference. The Spotify-like service, internally referred to as Woodstock, will work across multiple platforms, including Windows 8, Android, iOS, and, of course, the Xbox 360. And unlike Apple’s iTunes, Woodstock won’t require users to fill their hard drives with software — it’ll be playable from browsers, and users won’t need to install a plugin.

The Verge has more:

[Woodstock is] said to integrate deeply with Facebook, allowing friends to build group playlists and share tracks. An additional “scan and match” function, similar to iTunes Match, is also being tested as part of Woodstock to allow users to identify their existing music collection in the service. Although Microsoft will preview the service at E3 — barring any last-minute changes in its plans, of course — it is not expected to launch until later this year alongside Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices

Source: The Verge

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