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Today, the two newest and most modern blogging platforms, Svbtle and Medium each announced big news. Svbtle, which for over a year hand-selected its contributors, officially opened registration to the world, allowing anyone reading this to start writing on their beautiful, minimalistic platform.

Medium, which was founded a few months after Svbtle and was started by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, announced they had raised $25 million in venture capitalfrom a variety of firms.

This is great news and I wish both Ev and Dustin the best of luck in their quest for building successful companies.

Whether you’ve written something using one of these platforms or if you have something you’ve written on your own personal blog, we want to help. We know that much of the stuff you write probably doesn’t get read by many people. You submit it to various places, you email your favorite bloggers, you Tweet it out, yet still, few people read it.

We feel your pain and we want to help in whatever way we can. So, if you’ve written something that’s tech-related and want a few more people to read it, send it our way and we’ll take a look. If it’s decent, we’ll link to it and hopefully get more people reading your stuff. If it’s not, keep sending it anyway. Sooner or later it’ll make the front page.

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