Voca – A Viable WhatsApp Alternative for the textually active

With WhatsApp alone clocking over 3 billion messages per day, Text messengers are all in. It is quickly becoming a trend in technology that messaging apps are taking over traditional social networks with the convenience in usage and additional features associated with them. The acquisitions of Viber for $900 Million and WhatsApp for a whopping $19 Billion are the manifestations to the new shift for mobile conversations.

While WhatsApp is necessarily not an inept mobile messaging app, it sure doesn’t imply one shouldn’t vouch for some other messaging apps with better offerings. One such messaging app making the rounds around the tech world is Voca Messenger. With over a Million downloads on the Android platform, Voca is quickly gaining recognition for its host of features that are in fine tune with the masses who just love their messenger apps.


Voca is an international calling and messaging app for Android and iOS platforms. The app provides free calling and messaging for connecting with fellow Voca users, while the international calling rates are extremely affordable for making calls to Landlines and other users not based on Voca. This Stockholm, Sweden based company is quickly gaining attention for its offerings have amassed them a great liking and positive response from the mobile messenger users worldwide.

The app is well designed and reflects their personality and values of offering clear and valuable functionality. Their calling rates are super low and support over 230 countries spread across the world with support for free messaging and calling between Voca messenger users. The pricing of their calling rates even well place Voca messenger to be a better Skype alternative. The rates for most popular destinations of USA, China and India are 0.7¢/min, 0.6¢/min and 1.5¢/min respectively.

The ad-free and no-nonsense messaging app has done away with all those subscriptions, access codes, hidden fees and PIN’s which have haunted messaging app users for some time now. You can create groups for adding your contacts and share with them pictures, video, contacts and location. The company explicitly states that they make use of encryption protocols to safeguard their users’ private data. The app is customizable and lets you change some key features like colour scheme and the looks of your home-screen. Voca also lets you arrange your contacts into lists like family, business, etc. The payment feature of Voca also lets users add balance to their accounts and accepts payment across a wide variety of choices.

Below is a quick comparison chart that you should definitely take a look at to understand how well Voca messenger app compares when pitted against the mightiest likes of WhatsApp and Viber.

Sr. No Features Viber Voca WhatsApp
1 Instant Messenger Yes Yes Yes
2 Making phone calls Yes Yes No
3 Caller ID                – Yes              –
4 Free phone calls Yes Yes No
5 Video calls No Yes No
6 SMS Yes Yes Yes
7 MMS Yes    Yes Yes
8 Group Chat 15 users limit Yes 30 users limit
9 Free international calls Yes Yes No
10 Payment methods No Yes No
11 Profile Status No Yes Yes
12 Inviting Friends Yes Yes No
13 Customization ability No Yes No
14 Encryption of data Yes
15 Sharing contact details Yes Yes Yes 


Voca is a messaging app solution for the modern day textually active crowd who want a more powerful messenger with integrated calling, videos and other social features. You can Try Voca for free, if you are among the online media consumers who want a more extensive and comprehensive set of features integrated into your messaging app.

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