Xbox 360 now more media hub than game console, according to Microsoft

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s after more than gamers with its Xbox 360. With more and more content on tap, it’s clear the company hopes to transform its console into a media hub that’s just as at home in your parents’ living room as it is in a college dorm. And that’s no pipe dream. Today, as Microsoft announced that Comcast Xfinity, HBO Go, and were on their way to the 360, the company also revealed that entertainment use has overtaken multiplayer gaming as the 360′s main draw.

PCMag has the skinny:

In fact, as Microsoft has ramped up the number of entertainment apps available, entertainment usage has actually surpassed multiplayer game usage for the first time, meaning people are using Xbox Live to watch TV and movies and listen to music more than they are playing games.

Source: The Next Web

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